Carl, the DEO of Century Kennels, sees things from a dog's point of view. He wants to remind you of things that are important to the pets during their kennel stay.

  • Did you know we have a backup power supply?
  • Our outdoor runs aren't all covered up, so we can actually see the sun and get fresh air.
  • Our kennel has all smooth aluminized fencing. All wire was dipped prior to weaving, so there are no rough spots.
  • The entire facility is surrounded by a six-feet high security fence.
  • We recommend that people bring items that are familiar to the dogs, such as bedding or toys.
  • Rob and Barb never let dogs wear a collar while in the kennel, so they don't get hurt.
  • All dogs get treats every single night. Never been missed!
  • Do you realize that we have no hidden fees? Medications, special diets, eye treatment, ear care are all included in the boarding. So is the petting and conversation.




Carl, the DEO of Century Kennels.