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We want to thank you for the wonderful care you always give our 11 year old Min Pin "Minnie".  We have a sense of trust when we leave her in your care. You treat her like one of your own and we know she is safe and happy. Thanks! --Jim and Mary K

I have been using Century Kennels for over 10 years now. We are on our second dog there and I wouldn't think of using another kennel. Rob and Barb are great, great, people and I trust them implicitly. They keep the kennel impeccably clean. Annie loves to go to Century, she goes in with tail wagging and a happy spirit.  And that is a real good feeling for us! I know that she will bark and run and play and be perfectly happy and safe while she's there.I have and will continue to recommend Rob and Barb to anyone in need of a kennel. They're the best!


My golden retriever, Bailey, is almost 11 years old. We have been bringing her to Century Kennels since she was just a puppy. We learned about this kennel from our cousins who had been bringing their dog there for years.

We could not ask for more caring and trustful caregivers for Bailey. Barb and Rob have always been able to fit us in and have been very accommodating if we need to extend her stay, shorten her stay, or pick her up a little bit late. Even last-minute changes have never been a problem. One time, Bailey was at the kennel for a few days. The day before we were scheduled to pick her up, we had an unexpected death in the family.  We needed to go out of town for several days, so I called Rob to see if Bailey could stay another week. He not only said it was no problem, but he went out and bought her specific dog food, since I had not packed enough for the additional week.

I know that Bailey is totally comfortable at Century Kennels because she leaps out of the car and eagerly goes right in. One of them is always there to take her leash and walk her straight back to her ìroom. I have recommended this kennel to many of my friends. It is a very safe, nurturing place for my beautiful Bailey. 


Century Kennels = Happy Dogs. When we go out of town, our dogs go to "camp" at their home away from home, Century Kennels. Our dogs literally drag us into the office, they are so excited to be there. The owners, Barbara and Rob, take care of them as well, if not better, than we do ourselves. With a puppy and a 12 year old, both Labs, this encompasses a wide range of needs. We have viewed the kennel on various occasions and everything is immaculately clean. Barbara and Rob are a delight to deal with and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Several friends who use Century Kennels are equally pleased. We would highly recommend this facility. --Kathy and Tom

With delight our German shepherds race to reach their spotless home-away-from-home.... Century Kennels. Knowing the Ralls will treat them with love and understanding allows us to enjoy relaxing vacations.  Sparkling eyes, shining coats, signs of contented K9s greet us upon pick-up dates. "Who could ask for anything more?!" --Joyce and Bob, SATISFIED BOARDERS SINCE 1981

In 2004 I unexpectedly lost my Father.  I also unexpectedly inherited a poodle!  While I already had a Scottish Terrier, I took her in without question.  She became very close to  me for many reasons.  We had already had a vacation planned a few weeks later, and I was forced with the decision to board my dogs.  Century Kennels came recommended by our groomer and I had no choice but to make my reservations, to my dismay of course.  How could I leave this poor poodle who has been through so much, and will they take care of her like I do?  Once we arrived, I immediately felt at ease.  They took our guys from us and seemed so happy to have them.  The facility was really nice and clean and they showed us around to ease my fears.  From that point on, whenever we went on a trip I never hesitated to take them to Century Kennels.  Now when we drop them off, they willingly and happily run into the building.  I think they really have a good time when they go, because they sleep soundly for days after!  I think they play really hard there.  This year due to our daughter's wedding I had no hesitation to drop them off again, but this time with a new addition, a sweet little "grand dog".  I never even worried for one minute the whole entire weekend, and she came home totally exhausted as well.  She had a blast!  I would recommend Century Kennels to anyone!  You can travel and know that your furry loved ones are being well taken care of!! --Chris

When our family travels out of town, Century Kennels becomes our dogs' home away from home, and it has been that way for two generations.  We feel confident boarding our dogs with Rob and Barb because they run such a first-class facility, and take such good care of the dogs, that they actually get to know the dogs' personalities.  Not too many kennels can truthfully make that claim!  Rob and Barb treat dogs as if they were their own family pets, providing clean facilities, spacious runs, and attentive care.  In fact, our two dogs love it there so much that they bark with excitement and can't wait to jump out of the car every time we turn into Century's driveway. --Doug

Having been dog owners for over 40 years, it is important that when we need to kennel our dogs they are in good hands. We have been taking our current dog to Century Kennel for over seven years and believe Rob and Barbara run a 1st rate kennel. They are a pleasure to work with and whenever we drop off our dog, she is eager to go with them and returns to us happy and well. --Jed and Cathy

We have taken our two dogs to Century Kennels for many years.  There are many kennels closer to our home, but Century Kennels is worth the drive.  Rob and Barbara have made the kennel our dogís home away from home.  When we drop them off, we know that the dogs are in great hands.  A couple years ago, Charlie, our 5 year old labradoodle, suffered torsion while he was at Century Kennels.  This condition is most often fatal, but because Barbara and Rob knew our dog so well and noticed quickly that he wasnít acting quite like himself, they immediately rushed him to the emergency clinic.  The vet at the clinic said, ìkudos to the kennel because if they had not noticed and acted so quickly Charlie would not have survived. We absolutely love Century Kennels and highly recommend it to everyone. --Julie

We have been taking our dogs to Century Kennels for over 15 years and we wouldn't go anywhere else!! Rob and Barbara Rall are extremely loving and caring and treat the animals as if they were their own. Our dogs always come home healthy and happy and that is the most important aspect in leaving your pet in someone else's care. Their Kennel is spotlessly clean, is odor free and constantly being attended to. We actually were referred to them by other clients but then found out that Cleveland Magazine had rated them a top Kennel in the area. It is a longer drive for us (about 35 min. we live in Orange Village) but it is worth it for my babies. When we have to leave, we want only the very best care for our dogs-so even if you have to drive a little further-believe me its worth it! We think Rob and Barbara know as much about dogs and cats as my veterinarian!! If you want excellent care and peace of mind when you have to leave your pet or pets then Century Kennels is the #1 place to go.

--Bob and Laurie

I was fortunate to be referred to Century Kennel from a previous Kennel owner that I had been taking my dog to. He was completely full the day I had called and I asked for a referral because I had been to some kennels that were not so good. The owner told me he only knew of one that he could recommend. Which through experience I understood.  It has now been three years and I would not board my dog anywhere else but Century Kennels. Buster walks in wagging his tail after visiting the familiar fire plug, very willing to go with Rob or Barbara to his special place. I know that he is well taken care of by friendly caring people. He is well fed and exercised and when I pick him up he always looks happy and buffed up!  The owners are always willing to comply with special instructions concerning the animal.   I would rather drive the 30 minutes it takes me than travel 5 minutes down the road to the nearest  kennel! --Alice



On January 28 of 2003 a young stray Siberian Husky wandered into our yard and decided that we should be her new family. Kanu, as she was named, became the official greeter to the people dealing with my business. Rob Rall, who along with his wife Barbara, own and operate Century Kennels are some of my customers and therefore, greeted and approved by Kanu. After seeing the interaction of Kanu and Rob, when he was at my business, it was clear where Kanu was going to stay when we needed kennel service. Century Kennels is immaculate, does not have the kennel smell and the grounds are well-groomed and attractive. Kanu is a willing visitor to Century Kennels, and when we pick her up she is clean, odor-free and well cared for.  They require current health records and proof of inoculations for Kanu. We feel very comfortable knowing that the other animals using Century Kennels have met the same criteria.  If you are looking for a well-managed kennel, Century Kennels is the place to go for you and your pet. Rob, Barbara and staff are top shelf and as good as it gets. --Preston, Sharon and Kanu



We just want to thank you for all the care you have given our “kids” over the last 30 years. It’s hard to believe we have had four dogs at your kennel since the late 70’s. We appreciate the loving care and clean, spacious environment you provide at Century Kennels and the peace of mind we get when traveling knowing they are in good hands. Our current baby, Fritz – a seven year old Weimaraner – thinks Century Kennels is his second home. Fritz sometimes requires “special handling” and he gets it at Century Kennels. He can’t wait to enjoy the other dogs in the large outdoor runs and comes home very tired from his “vacation”. We also appreciate the bathing and grooming before pickup. The care and attention our dogs get make traveling much more enjoyable and worry free. We highly recommend Century Kennels to any dog family. –Dennis and Diane


My home away from home; that's what I call Century Kennels. (Aunt) Barbara and (Uncle) Rob take care of me like I'm one of their own. They give me just about everything I get at home:   

  • A spotless kennel with my own private sleeping area complete with blanket.     
  • An outdoor run so I can see and "play" with other dogs.   
  • Each time I visit they consider what other dogs I might like to be next to so we will all be happy.    
  • If a dog is really stressed, they might put him on the end, next to a quiet dog, or closer to the office.  
  • They cater to any special needs I might have; medical, nutritional, and emotional.   
  • They spoil me as best they can. They even pass out a treat before bed. 

My mom travels an extra distance to bring me to Century Kennels and often recommends them to her friends, knowing their dog will be safe and well taken care of.  She says this is where I should hang my leash when she is away. She has been bringing her four-legged family members to Century Kennels for over 10 years and would never consider any other place.  Barbara and Rob are professional, compassionate, caring, and just really nice people. She calls it a 5-star Kennel - the best! I love going to visit.  When I can't be at home, this is where I like to be! --Bryce, Golden Retriever

Sandi asked me to write to you and thank you for taking care of her so well while I was gone on vacation. She really enjoys her time at “Doggy Camp”, and she came out looking lovely after her bath and grooming session before I picked her up, she looked so cute with her blue neckerchief on.

I have been coming to Century Kennels with my Guys and Gals for more than 20 years now and I encourage others to bring their dogs to your place as well. You keep it so clean and you take such good care of our four legged Kids when they are with you. On the drive out to your place, we always feel kind of bad about leaving the Kids, but they jump out of the car and are eager to get in to greet you guys. The tails are always wagging and they are happy, which makes it a lot easier for us to leave them, knowing that they are happy and will be taken care of. I have talked to other people who have used Century Kennels for their dogs and we all agree that Century is No. 1 in our books and in the Dogs’ books too!!!! – Nancy



Century Kennels is absolutely the best kennel we have ever used.  Rob and Barbara are very knowledgeable about both dogs and cats and their behaviors.  They are welcoming and friendly with a great sense of humor.  It is apparent that this is not just a job for them but a passion for pets. The kennel is always immaculate and our dogs can’t wait to get inside to see their old friends and make some new ones.  We have no worries about our dogs while we are away and it’s a great vacation for them too. --Jim and Mary Jane




What a kennel --  what a home -- you provide for our dear pets. Our little Lizzie, our cocker spaniel, has spent many weeks with you, and she always comes home wagging her tail. Why?

Despite the fact that you have many other dogs and cats to attend to, you always have time to bathe her, flush those floppy ears, give her the many pills prescribed for her. You see, your work is done well because you love the animals that live with you. You give them care twenty-four hours a day in a spotlessly clean home for dogs (and cats as well). I only wish that many human children had the same love and attention! Thank you, Barb and Rob for your devotion to all of your residents at Century Kennels.
Best regards, -- Mary and John


We have been using Century Kennels (or as we call it Camp Middlefield) since 2004 with our first pug, Olivia.  We had looked at and tried other kennels (some charged for petting your dog, how awful!).  Finally about to give up our vet recommended Century.  Barb answered every question I had and offered a tour before we made reservations.  What an impression!  Clean facility, bright, airy and best of all a caring staff.  Olivia took right to barb and rob and we knew we chose the right place.  Olivia always enjoyed going to camp and came back happy each time.  Unfortunately she passed in 2009 and barb and rob sent an email condolence (would other kennels do this?).  So when we adopted Abigail Mai we did not hesitate to take her to Camp Middlefield.  They took extra time with her on her first stay- she was shy and scared but since then she has been eager to go.  Barb and Rob treat her like we would (with out the dressing up and not as much spoiling) and who could ask for more.  A fantastic place for the furry member of the family.

Thanks,    Abigail's people ---( Rebecca, Nancy and Jim)


Having never been a dog owner before, I naturally felt first time jitters and tears leaving our 9-month-old English Setter with a kennel. Just like being a first time mom!  We went to Century Kennels on the recommendation of my parents and sister who had used them for many years. The experience was wonderful for us and Sadie who came back tired, happy, clean and well fed.  Actually, so did we!  We have since left our pup with Rob and Barb two more times this year and feel comfortable and confident about leaving her there. No more jitters or tears.   Betsy and Rus 


I want to be with my dogs and my dogs want to be with me but if we can't be together then I want the best.  Century Kennels is the best!  The grounds and the kennel itself are always spotless and maintenance is never overlooked or put off.  The dogs enjoy having their own runs with friends beside them to interact and play with.  But for me the most important aspect is Barbara and Rob.  They have a second sense about our pets - as they move through the kennel taking care of the dogs they notice every dog and how it is doing during it's stay.  It is not something they have to think to do - it is natural to them.  My dogs are noticed!  And observed with eyes that can detect any issues before they become a problem.  I was in the kennel one day and Rob spoke to the dogs in the runs and my dog sat up nicely with very bright and observant eyes to see if Rob wanted him to do anything special.   He was totally relaxed and just interested in whatever Rob had to say.  It was amazing to see.  I wish he looked at me the same way........   

Bonnie - over 20 years of safe, happy boarding at Century Kennels





    Violet, Century Kennels' new employee


                        Carl and Violet " Morning Break"